St. Patricks/Easy Green Look🍀🍀

Hi my lovelies, and happy Saturday! I am sorry I did not post last week! I was busy all Saturday and did not have time Sunday either. Today I am here to show you a saint Patricks day look, and how to get it! Keep reading to see the look, and how to achieve it!

These are a few pictures to show what the look is!


  1. Prime your eyes! I use concealer, because I find it is easier and keeps the eyeshadow lasting very long! I use the Tarte Cosmetics shape tape concealer($24)! Then, I set it with any translucent or light powder to prepare for the eyeshadows.
  2. Then, I go in with the eyeshadows. I started with my modern renaissance palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills($42), and used burnt orange for a transition. Then I went in with the Jmkcoz palette(off of amazon for $12.99), and started with a light green color. Slowly, I used darker colors, and built up the crease and outer V area. It takes time, to build up the crease, and occasionally, I use a transition shade to smooth out the shadows. Then, I keep building up the color until it looks like  how I want it.
  3. Next, I carved out the inner corner with the concealer, and then applied the Too Faced Glitter Glue($20) on top to make sure the eyeshadows stay in place. I then went in with the Manny MUA x Makeup Geek palette($45) and with the shadow Artemis(the white shimmer shade) and applied it on top of the glitter glue. I then used some light green to blend out the edge between the darker green and lighter shadows.
  4. Then, I mixed green shadow from the Jmkcoz palette and my concealer again and applied that as eyeliner. Then, I went in with a darker shadow in the inner part of the eyeliner, to act as an opposite ombré(dark to light eyeliner, light to dark eyeshadow).
  5. Then, I applied Artemis in the inner corner, and smoked out the lower lash line with the same green eyeshadow.
  6. I then applied my Wet N Wild Mega length mascara($6.99) to the upper and lower lashes.
  7.  You are finished!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you guys so much for reading this blog, I hope you enjoyed it! Make sure to follow this blog, and check out my social medias @cocoslocobeauty for Instagram, twitter, and Facebook!



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