My favorite CRUELTY-FREE affordable makeup brands❤❤❤

Hi my lovelies! I just got home from a vacation, so I did not have time to post yesterday, I am so sorry. Today I am here to share with you my favorite cruelty-free drugstore makeup brands! For those of you who are cruelty-free(like me) and on a budget, or just like drugstore makeup, this is for you! Some of these brands are not extremely well known, and I think they are just as good and deserve more recognition!! Ok, let’s get onto it!!

MILANI: Milani is an AMAZING drugstore brand in general, but the fact that hey are cruelty-free is even more amazing. MILANI can be purchased at Walmart, select CVS’ and the Milani website. The brand itself is really spectacular, with very affordable, high quality makeup products. Some of my favorites are the blushes, and the eyeshadow palettes. I still have yet to try out some of their products, and this brand continues to amaze me.

Wet n Wild: This brand is truly amazing. Almost all of their makeup feels like high end makeup, and their products are all under $10.00! Wet n Wild can be purchased at pretty much any convenience store, and they continue to blow me away with their amazing makeup.

Colourpop: Colpurpop is an amazing adorable brand. They are mostly known for their liquid lipsticks, but the variety of their brand is amazing, and their products are amazing. I love the ultra matte liquid lipsticks the most, and I recommend them 100%!!!!! You can get Colourpop on their website.

ELF: Elf is such an amazing AFFORDABLE brand for cruelty-free makeup!! Their products are amazing!! I absolutely love their makeup, and the price of their makeup is SPECTACULAR!!! ELF’s products blow me away, and I recommend the brand 100%! You can get ELF at pretty much any convinience store. Their brushes are high quality, and they are my favorite elf products. They feel like expensive brushes, but are not.

Thank you SO much for visiting, I post every Saturday. I love the support, and you guys are so amazing.



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