Juvia’s Place SAHARAN Palette Review

Hi my lovelies and happy Saturday! Today I am here to show you about my thoughts on the Saharan palette by Juvia’s place! Let’s get into it!

This palette is AMAZING!!!!! The pigmentation is amazing! The longevity of the shadows is awesome!!! I have used this palette and this is an amazing palette! You can see in the pictures above the colors are amazing, and this is truly a great product. I 100% RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!!! You can get this product at for  just the palette for $28.00. If you want to get what I got and get the two eyeliners also, the link is for $36.75. Currently, they are both sold out but you can sin up for an email list and juvias place will email when back in stock!

Thanks for checking my blog out! I post every Saturday! I appreciate you coming! Keep tuning in for YouTube videos😊😊!


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