Maybelline Master Fix Translucent Powder Review 

Hi! This Saturday I am here to give you a review on the Maybelline Master Fix Translucent Powder! Let’s get into it!

First, let me say……

I am OBSESSED! This powder is amazing for baking, setting, and everything in that matter. I love it. It is so finely milled, that the powder is so soft on your skin, and gives you such an amazing finish. It lasts ALL day, and I am not joking. It is such an amazing powder. I ESPECIALLY love it for baking, because it does not give a white cast, and sets the makeup with such elegance. It is retailed for 9.99 USD, and 13.33 CAD on

Although, target occasionally sells it cheaper. I DEFINITELY recommend this to anyone who is looking for a cheap, OUTSTANDING powder.

Thank you so much for reading my blog! It means the WORLD to me. Also, I have another brand that is SPECTACULAR. It is Mikasa Beauty. I have right of their brushes, and their eye shadows, and let me say their quality is spectacular. Definitely check them out at and use my discount code! You can save 15% of your money by using the code “COCOSBEAUTY15” at checkout.


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