I am starting videos on YouTube?!

Hi my lovelies and happy Friday! For today’s post I will be talking about what camera I want for my birthday and if I will be making videos on YouTube when I get it! Please subscribe and I hope you guys are having an amazing day!

Okay, so for a while I have been wanting to start filming on YouTube. I just do not have a great camera, and my videos are not always in focus. Also, if I want to make makeup videos, then I will have to have good focus so people can see what is going on. Hold up! I am NOTย stopping this blog. I will continue, and some of my videos will be posted on here but there will be other things.

I want a Canon Rebel T3i. It has a great camera for taking pictures and filming videos and can last up to 50 minutes of straight filming. I understand this is a big birthday gift, especially since it is $599 not including the certain lenses and tripod I want. My mother agreed to split or pay for most of the cost of the camera only. I will have to pay the rest which is fine with me.

Although, if there are any cameras that you suggest are better than the T3i and are in the price range of $600 or lower you can definitely let me know in the comments below or email me. I would love to know suggestions from experienced makeup youtubers.

Thanks for checking out my blog post for this week, and I will update you on the status of when I will be getting my camera and what I will be getting. As always, don’t forget to like and subscribe to see beauty posts every Friday. I just want to thank you guys for checking out my blog, and I really appreciate it.ย Check out my friends’s blog beauty they post every Saturday!



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