Ulta’s awesome deals that you need to check out + an amazing event!

Hi Everyone! Happy Saturday! I hope you all are having a fantastic day! I am here today to show you some amazing deals that are going on at ulta + an amazing event you have to check out! Now, lets get into it!


The first amazing deal that you need to check out is the Urban Decay Shadow Box Palette is on sale for $18! It was originally $34 and you are saving some money! You should definitely check it out! I think I am going to love this palette because it is different, but the shades are amazing so it will look amazing on anyone! I just bought this a couple of hours ago, so I know pretty much nothing about this palette. Also, comment down below if you would like me to give you a quick review in a couple weeks about who I feel about the palette. Overall, you should definitely check this palette out.

Next, This is an amazing deal! If you buy $19.50 or more of the Ulta line’s products, you will receive a 14 piece kit of amazing makeup! I have a picture above of all of the goodies that are in it! There is a six shade mini palette, a mascara, a bronzer and highlighter duo, eye makeup remover pads, a double ended brow pencil, a double ended pencil liner, three brushes, a matte lip cream in Allusive, A lipstick in Mauve Me, a primer, a nail polish in Lilac-ing You, a coupon, and it all comes in your choice of a purple or turquoise bag. Overall, it is worth $88! That is an amazing deal! I hope you check these deals out.

Note: I got the purple bag, so I do not know if the turquoise bag has different lip color shades or something like that but I am assuming they are the same. Also, this is not sponsored.

Now, for the amazing event that is going on next saturday at Ulta! Some makeup artists from Tarte are coming and they will be explaining their new fall line that is coming out, and more! You have to make an appointment at Ulta, so make sure you go to Ulta to make one! Also, This is for the Ulta on telegraph, so I would make sure you go to that one because I am not sure that it is anywhere else! I hope you check it out because I heard it is supposed to be amazing!

Thanks so much for checking out this blog! I post every Friday! I hope you have an amazing day!



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