Top Five Of My Favorite Youtubers!

Hi! Happy Friday! Today, I am talking about some youtubers that I recommend if you are into makeup. These youtubers I watch,  and they are absolutely fantastic! Note that this is my personal opinion also, and there are many other amazing makeup artists out there! Lets get into it!

MannyMua733: Manny is an amazing makeup youtuber that has such great tutorials!They are unique, and I like them very much!  His palette is newly released, and will be restocked next week, so make sure you check his palette out! This is the link to his youtube account:

NikkiTutorials: Nikki’s Tutorials, are creative and unique. She talks through most of them, so you get a great understanding of how to do them. She is amazing at makeup, and I get excited whenever she posts a new video. This is the link to her youtube account:

Laurenbeautyy: Lauren has a huge amount of makeup and she uses all of it! Every time I watch a new video, she either uses new products or products that she has not used yet. She does all kinds of makeup tutorials, and hauls. She is great! This is the link to her youtube account:

Itsbl0ndie: Casey’s account is amazing! She posts reviews and makeup tutorials! She tries out many things and gives honest opinions about them! This is useful because if if works for her it may work for you and other people! This is the link to her youtube account:

Jaclynhill1: Jacyln Hill is an amazing makeup artist who does many different things on her channel. She has partnered with many companies, making many products! She is amazing and her videos are worth the watch. This is the link to her youtube account:

Thanks for reading this blog post! I post every Friday!  Follow me for more posts like this! Have an awesome day!





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