Process of Dying My Hair Purple!

Hey guys! Hope you are having an amazing Saturday! For this week’s blog post I will be talking about dying my hair purple!!! I did not dye my full head purple, only towards the end of my hair. Lets get into about what it was like!ย 

First, I talked with the wonderful hair stylist Alex about what I wanted. I wanted part of my hair to be purple towards the ends, but not on the first layer of my hair, so that you would be able to see the purple but not too much purple. Then, she started bleaching the parts of my hair that needed to be bleached so the purple should show up better. I had to bleach my hair, because my natural hair color is light brown, and the purple would not show up that well on my natural hair color. She put my hair up in foils, and then put me under a circle heat thing that goes over my head. I had to sit for about 15 minutes, and then she washed my hair, and dried it a bit. Now, that the portion of the hair I wanted the color in was bleached, she started putting the purple dye in. After she finished, she had me sit for 20 minutes before she washed the dye out. Then, she washed my hair, and then I left and blow dried my hair. Overall I absolutely love the final look! It looks perfect! The process took about two hours, so it is a little time consuming but it is amazing! I definitely recommend Alex at Emile’s Salon to dye your hair. I think it is great for me to try a new look and I cannot wait to show everyone!

Note: I have a lot of hair, so the amount of time took long but it depends on whatever type and amount of hair you have.

I love my hair, and it was totally worth the time and the money! Thanks to Alex who did my hair incredibly! Thanks for viewing this blog! I post every Friday!

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored.



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