Review on the Lorac “Nude Necessities” Palette!

Hi everyone! I am sorry I am posting a day late. It is because I participated in my school Play Aladdin, and did not have time to write a blog post. This weeks post is a review on the Nude Necessities Palette by Lorac. I am very excited to share my thoughts on this palette.ย 

This packaging is very pretty. It comes with a very nice case, and it is almost like a mirror everywhere on the outside. In the inside, there is a mirror, and the eyeshadows. The mirror is on the top and shades are on the bottom. There is a photo of the packaging, and the inside of the palette. On the inside, there is also a piece of plastic covering the shades saying the brand(Lorac). It is easy to take off.

Lorac’s Nude Necessities palette comes with 12 colors. I tested all of them, and they are all extremely pigmented. Here are the shades:

  • Row 1: White (matte), Light Gold (shimmer), Gold (shimmer), Taupe (matte)
  • Row 2: Light Nude (matte), Cool Light Brown (shimmer), Cool Taupe (matte), Brown (shimmer)
  • Row 3: Nude (shimmer), Light Copper (shimmer), Tan (matte), Cool Brown (matte)

Above, there is a photo of the swatches of all of the shades in the palette.

The shimmer colors are EXTREMELY pigmented. ย The mattes are very good also. The mattes go with the look of shimmers because For example, you could put the light brown or any brown as your transition color. You can not use a shimmer color as well as a matte for a transition shade. Also, I would not want a shimmery color in my crease or Outer V. Lorac made the right decision of including mattes and shimmers in their palette. Also, this palette is cheap for the amount of pigmentation in all of the eyeshadows and the nice packaging. The palette was $30. This palette is cheaper than many palettes on the high end side with great pigmentation. The wearing for these eyeshadows are fantastic. I wore one of the light shimmer colors on my lid and a light brown in my crease for about six hours. The product did not move at all, although a bit of shimmer came off. I was not wearing eye primer though, so that may have affected the results. Also, I wore the lightest matte color in the palette, and after seven hours, it was still on my lids.

I would 100% recommend this product. This is a fantastic palette, especially for people who like shimmers and like a more natural look. I love this palette!

Disclaimer: This is not sponsored.



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