Outfits Of The Week!!

This Friday, I decided to do an “Outfits Of The Week” where everyday I take a photo of what I am wearing, and then I can tell you where it is from and what it is! I hope you enjoy!

The first outfit I am wearing is very cute! I wore a blue striped shirt from Banana Republic and Hudson purple jeans. I am also wearing my purple tennis shoes from Nike! I am wearing a Pink Lokai, a Blue Lokai and a White Lokai Bracelet on my wrist. I love the jeans I am wearing so much! They fit perfectly and look amazing!

The second outfit I am wearing is warmer for the coldest days. I am wearing a red long sleeve shirt from Delias, and a jean jacket from Thread & Supply. I am wearing my Athleta Metro Leggings and my vans. I love my jean jacket! It is very comfortable and it is so warm!

The third outfit I am wearing is very pretty! It is a blouse with stars on it from Scooter Brown and Abercrombie dark wash jeans. I am also wearing my Ugg boots. I am wearing a Pink Lokai and a Blue Lokai bracelet on my wrist. I love my Ugg boots! They are fantastic and very warm!

The fourth outfit I am wearingย is more on the comfortable side. I am wearing a Mossimo plain white long sleeve shirt and my Abercrombie flannel with a fuzzy inside. I wore ย Abercrombie light wash jeans. Also, I am wearing my vans again. I absolutely love thes because they are very comfortable!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I had so much fun taking these photos and arranging them! Thanks for visiting my blog! Please Subcribe! Scroll down or look to the side and see Follow Blog Via Email. Then, type in your email, verify it by accepting the verification that they send to your email, and you get an email every time I post! I post every Friday!

Note: I had no school on Monday because of MLK Day. Also, None of these pieces of clothing are sponsored.




2 thoughts on “Outfits Of The Week!!

  1. I love the outfits this week. Very nice and well put together. I think you should mention your UGG boots on a little different than the traditional ones most wear. This way your subscribers know that UGG makes a variety of styles of boots. Love, your #1 Fan.


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