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4 Cute Easy Hairstyles + Mini Haul

Here are four cute easy hairstyles that I love!

The first hairstyle is the French Braid in the front. This is very cute and easy! Make a deep side part on either side. Then, start regular French braiding. When you get as far as you want the braid to go, you can secure it with a hairband or you can pin it to your head. That is it! It is super simple!

The second hairstyle, the french dutch headband, this is a bit harder but overall I still think it is fairly easy. Start on the total opposite side of your head. Section off the back part of hair and put it out of your face. You may have to tilt your head. Right where your hair starts by either ear, you start Dutch French braiding. Dutch French braiding is the same thing as French braiding, except you put the strands behind the other piece of hair, instead of in front. Braid until you get as far as desired, then pin it, or secure it with a hairband. Then pull the rest of your hair in front of the end so you do not see the Bobby pin or hairband.

The third hairstyle is very easy! Start with a ponytail in the back your head. You can tease the hair if you like, but I prefer not to. You make a ponytail and leave out a piece of hair. The piece of hair can be as thick or thin, depending on how thick or thin you want your braid to be. Braid the strand, and then attach it to the ponytail you already made by tucking the end of the hair in the ponytail or pinning it. you are done! i love this hairstyle!

The fourth and final hairstyle is a half up half down hairstyle and it is super easy! It is basic too, but I think everyone will love it! All you do is take the desired amount of hair from the front of your head and twist it to make a bun. You can ponytail it down or pin it. It is as simple as that!

For my mini haul, I got seven items. i got a NYX butter gloss in Tiramisu. I got an ELF lipstick in the shade pink minx and from NYC I got the smooth skin matte BB cream. It is in the shade 02 medium. I got a new maybelline eye primer in the shade 410 and a maybelline single eyeshadow in the shade Nude Glow. Also, I got a maybelline define – a – brow eyebrow pencil in medium brown. I hope you enjoyed this, and I have something very exciting planned for next week! Love you all,



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